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iPhone 6/6S Charging Office Kit

$ 110.00

Prop and charge your iPhone without wires!   

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wireless charging desk stand


Fast Wireless Charging & Precision Magnetic Mounting

XVIDA Wireless Chargers are equipped with a next generation US Texas Instruments chip and proprietary electronics that allow for maximum transfer of power from charger to your iPhone.This means a constant charge at an incredible 0.970A current - almost 50% more than standard Qi chargers and roughly equivalent of the maximum possible iPhone charging current (1A). Our precision magnetic locking ensures your phone always snaps into optimal charging position with zero effort!

Perfect Viewing Angle

Easily access your calls or texts while your iPhone charges in either portrait or horizontal orientation. Great for Facetime and never running out of battery again!

Ultra- thin, lightweight and protective case for your iPhone! 

The XVIDA Qi Wireless Charging Case offers total protection for your iPhone 6/6S without adding unnecessary bulk. To use, simply insert your iPhone 6/6S in XVIDA Charging Case and place it on the Desk Stand - your iPhone will start charging while being securely mounted! 

Magnetic Wireless Charging iPhone Case for iPhone 6, iPhone 6S


  • Stylish, Ergonomic Design & Made from Premium Materials
  • Qi technology for efficient and convenient wireless charging
  • Phone always snaps into optimal charging position
  • Easily switch between landscape and portrait orientation
  • Anti-slip base keeps it in place while you use the phone
  • Includes: Cable And Powerful AC Adapter (2A)
  • Requires: XVIDA Charging Case (Included)
  • Height: 9,06 inch
  • Width: 10,24 inch
  • Length: 6,30 inch
  • Weight: 1300 g

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