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Find next gen smartphone accessories at MOUS.

MOUS and XVIDA have been the pioneers of magnetic phone accessories for many years. 


While MOUS initially focused on creating the world’s best iPhone case, XVIDA focused on making the best charging accessories that continue to power your phone to this day. 

To learn more why we ended up passing on the baton to MOUS, scroll down to read our story.

MOUS next gen products

Combining next-level magnetic and mechanical functionality coupled with new Apple MagSafe tech, MOUS accessories are the perfect upgrade from XVIDA POWER2. 

Case Models

Charging Mounts


Why we are ... where we are ... 

To many of you, there is no secret that XVIDA’s progress has been slow since the start of 2021. Most of you stayed with us nonetheless, so as a founder and CEO I owe it to you to explain what slowed down our progress to the point where we realized there is no point in continuing on this path on our own. 

It was not a single event, but rather a confluence of multiple unrelated factors. It started with Apple introducing its own version of a magnetic charging system at the end of 2020. The concept is identical to what XVIDA introduced many years earlier. Needless to say, we were not pleased. That same year for reasons unknown to us to this day, shut down our sales account overnight just when the Christmas sales season began. They never cared to explain why, and we did not have the bandwidth to litigate (yet). The pandemic further hindered our chances to make the profits required to support innovation. It also forced our team to work from home which was not a welcome change. To make matters worse,  it exposed our other vulnerability which was the fact that since the beginning, the parts we designed were produced in China then transported to our European HQ for final assembly and quality control, then shipped to our US warehouse for resale. This meant shipping the same goods twice and with logistics costs skyrocketing during the pandemic, our profits evaporated. The very last straw were issues many of you had experienced with iPhone13 series cases. These were quality issues that would have been easily solved under normal circumstances. But with China hermetically closing its doors to foreigners, we were unable to visit and supervise our own suppliers, and unfortunately, some of them clearly took advantage of that. 


We’re not quitters, and we feel a tremendous responsibility to all of you out there who have relied upon and appreciated the seamless experience XVIDA provided with its magnetic charging accessories. For this reason, we decided it was time to look for a partner who shares our values, but is better positioned to provide the level of quality and innovation many of you have appreciated in XVIDA products for years. Luckily we did not have to look very far. We knew Mous for years as it was a well respected competitor. They are now able to offer a wider range of Apple and Samsung magnetic charging accessories, all of which also support the latest Apple MagSafe standard. 

We’d love to be able to say that Mous cases support XVIDA’s chargers. Unfortunately they cannot be backwards compatible as they are based on a new Apple magnetic standard, which really is the standard XVIDA too would have to adopt anyways. The good news however is that Mous has decided to offer all XVIDA customers a hefty exclusive discount for transitioning to their system. ( This part has yet to be agreed upon with Mous…….   explain the discount)     If you are a current XVIDA customer, simply register at with the email you used for your XVIDA account and use the code “XVIDA2MOUS'' to place your order. The discount will be automatically applied. If you have any difficulties or you need assistance with finding the correct email address used, feel free to reach us at


Uros Cadez, XVIDA Founder & CEO

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