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The large Magnetic Tablet Pads let you mount your 12” - 15” tablet to a wide variety of surfaces (flat walls, tiles, etc.). Thanks to powerful magnets, you can securely mount and remove your tablet with 1 easy move. The installation takes seconds and requires no screws, complicated brackets or tools. The ultra-low-profile mounting dock will look completely unobtrusive when you remove the tablet, and it will not cause damage to the mounting surface if you decide to remove it. The surface of the mount is silky-smooth, soft to the touch and provides awesome grip when mounted. Includes 2 Mounting Pads with 3M adhesive: 1 for your tablet, 1 for the surface. This ultra-large magnetic pad is specially designed for professionally mounting extra-large tablets (such as iPad Pro 12.9”) or larger. Other types of devices with large screens can also be mounted for as long as the weight limit (2000 g for square version and 3000 g for rectangular version) is not exceeded.

MAGNETIC WALL MOUNT for 12” - 15” tablets (Large)

SKU: 364215375135191
€ 40,00Price
  • Powerful magnets that hold up to 3000 g conveniently mount any tablet computer, such as an iPad Pro 12.9” or larger to a wide variety of surfaces, while 3M adhesive on the back of the mounting pads ensures an extremely simple, damage-free installation (on concrete, glass, wood, etc.). No tools required! With a simply twist you can easily detach the tablet from the wall when charging or other uses are required.

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