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The Magnetic Tablet Pads from XVIDA let you mount your tablet to a wide variety of sealed surfaces (painted walls, tiles, etc.). Thanks to powerful magnets, you can mount and remove your tablet with 1 easy move. The installation takes seconds and requires zero screws, complicated brackets or tools. The ultra-low profile mounting dock will look completely unobtrusive when you remove the tablet, and it will not cause any damage to the mounting surface if you decide to remove it. Includes 2 Mounting Pads with upgraded and powerful single-use 3M adhesive: 1 for your tablet, 1 for the surface.


*V3 is our latest generation magnetic mount, featuring a 30% stronger 3M VHB wall-side adhesive to accommodate tablets larger than a regular iPad. 


€ 30,00 Regular Price
€ 25,00Sale Price
Color: Black
  • Powerful magnets that hold up to 1000 g conveniently accommodate a wide variety of tablets including the iPad Pro 12.9” (and similarly-sized models), while upgraded 3M adhesive on the back of the mounting pads ensures an extremely simple, damage-free installation to a variety of smooth surfaces (from walls, cabinets, doors and more). Easily turn your iPad or Android tablet into a smart-home controller or media hub, no tools required!

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