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Magnetic Wireless Charging Case

Magnetic Wireless Charging Case

iPhone X

iPhone X magnetic case wireless charging case
Magnetic Wireless Charging Case for iPhone X
Magnetic Wireless Charging Case for iPhone X
Magnetic Wireless Charging Case for iPhone X
iPhone X magnetic case wireless charging compatible slim protective
slim iphone X magnetic protective charging case
Magnetic Wireless Charging Case for iPhone X
Magnetic Wireless Charging Case for iPhone X

This high-tech XVIDA magnetic wireless charging case delivers cool performance in any situation while elegantly protecting your phone. Durable TPU cover features tactile button covers, raised lip protection, and scratch-resistant microfiber cloth interior lining. For optimal performance, bundle with XVIDA Power 2 wireless charging pad, desk stand, and/or car mount. Does not stick to metal surfaces or third-party magnetic mounts.

Not compatible with iPhone XS.

Looking for a case for iPhone XS, XS Max or XR? Click  HERE

XVIDA POWER2 - the most advanced charging system explained

Magnetic Wireless Charging Case

iPhone X


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The case is just a start! XVIDA Case is compatible with all XVIDA POWER 2 Wireless Charging Docks, specifically optimized to support fast charging for iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus

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Mounting and charging your phone has never been easier. Simply place your XVIDA Charging Case on the charging dock - magnets will lock your device in place and wireless charging will start automatically.


Minimalist look and feel of the new XVIDA Case beautifully accentuates the sleek design of your iPhone while retaining full button functionality and haptic feedback. The case features precise cut-outs for the camera, the lightning connector, speakers, and function buttons.


Made from shock-absorbent TPU, ultra-slim snap -on case is designed to withstand daily wear and tear better than ever before! Perfectly compatible with XVIDA Screen Protector for all-round protection.

Technical Specifications

What's in the box?


Can I use this case with standard 3rd party Qi wireless charging pads?
YES, You can definitely use the case with any other non-magnetic 3rd party Qi charging pads or docks, you might already own. Magnets in the case will not have any effect on the charging performance with standard wireless chargers.
Is the wireless charging dock included with the charging case?
No, wireless charging docks are available for purchase seperately.
Is this a battery case?
Nope. This is NOT a battery case!
Is the XVIDA Case compatible with other magnetic mounting systems?
The XVIDA Case uses proprietary magnetic locking interface, designed for secure mounting and charging with XVIDA Magnetic Qi Docks. This is why we do not recommend using 3rd-party magnetic mounting systems.
They will not because the magnets are of a precise strength that balances magnetic hold and charging efficiency with our chargers, and not metal surfaces. In order for a case to hold to a metal surface, the magnets have to be stronger, and that would interfere with wireless charging.

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