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Magnetic Wireless Charging Case

Magnetic Wireless Charging Case

Samsung Galaxy Note10+
(XVIDA Basics line)

Galaxy Note10+ Case Featuring a magnetic back, compatible with magnetic wireless charging car holders and stands
Heavy Duty Drop-proof Shockproof Case for Note10+ with magnets
Samsung Galaxy Note10+ Metal Magnetic Case Ultra Protective Rugged Impact Drop Protection black Durable Dual Layer
magnetic backed phone case for the Samsung Note10+ shock-absorbent TPU, compatible with S-pen, wireless charging docks

XVIDA Basics Rugged Case for Samsung Note10+ with built-in magnets is fully compatible with the entire range of XVIDA Wireless Chargers. The dual-layer case is made from a flexible, shock-absorbing TPU layer, covered by a hard polycarbonate layer for enhanced impact protection and ultimate peace of mind. If you are looking for solid protection without sacrificing style, then this is the case for you! *Does not stick to metal surfaces or third-party magnetic mounts.

XVIDA Basics - Everyday value brand

Magnetic Wireless Charging Case

Samsung Galaxy Note10+
(XVIDA Basics line)


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Offering strong protection against impact and drops, the case remains lightweight & stylish and maintains the slim lines of your Note10+. Textured and grippy enough so you won't have to worry about dropping your phone while still being able to easily slide it in and out of your pocket.


Rugged lifestyles require a heavy-duty, shockproof phone case. The XVIDA Basics Rugged Magnetic Case for Samsung Galaxy Note10+ has been designed for maximum impact protection, featuring shock-absorbing material and reinforced corners, with precise cutouts for quick and easy access. The raised lip protects the screen from shattering if it falls on a flat surface.


Mounting and charging your Note10+ has never been easier. Simply place your XVIDA Basics Magnetic Case on the XVIDA Qi wireless charging dock - magnets will lock your device in place and wireless charging will start automatically.

Technical Specifications

What's in the box?


Can I use this case with standard 3rd party Qi wireless charging pads?
YES, You can definitely use the case with any other non-magnetic 3rd party Qi charging pads or docks, you might already own. Magnets in the case will not have any effect on the charging performance with standard wireless chargers.
Will the magnets in the case cause issues with the S-Pen?
The XVIDA Magnetic Case for Note10+ has been designed to prevent any interference with the S-Pen and it should not affect its functionality.
Is this a battery case?
Nope. This is NOT a battery case!
Is the XVIDA Case compatible with other magnetic mounting systems?
The XVIDA Case uses proprietary magnetic locking interface, designed for secure mounting and charging with XVIDA Magnetic Qi Docks. This is why we do not recommend using 3rd-party magnetic mounting systems.
They will not because the magnets are of a precise strength that balances magnetic hold and charging efficiency with our chargers, and not metal surfaces. In order for a case to hold to a metal surface, the magnets have to be stronger, and that would interfere with wireless charging.

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